TITLE Staithes (SOLD)

David Stead
Oil on canvas
100cms x 100cms

Situated between the North Yorkshire Moors and the North Sea, Staithes is famous for its past fishing industry and hundreds of years of mineral extraction. Capt’ James Cook lived here and it was home to what became known as the Staithes group of painters.

The young Laura Johnson (later Dame Laura Knight) was advised to go to Staithes by her drawing master Thomas Barrett – “There is no place like it in all the world for painting”, he told her. Many artists agreed with him; Staithes has been home to ‘Turner of the North’ George Weatherill, his son Richard and daughter Mary, also successful artists. The coming of the railways brought yet more young British impressionists to paint the towering cliffs, wild seas, storm battered cottages and resilient fisherfolk.

Even today Staithes has a ‘salty’ working feel to it and as yet remains largely unspoilt. I’m sure I’ll be returning soon to make more pictures.