TITLE The White House of Aros (SOLD)

Oil on canvas
700mm x 700mm
The Artist

I was invited to Mull by the owners of the White House of  Aros to paint the house and surrounding area. I’d never been to Mull before and the place captivated me. I went climbing at Ulva Ferry with a local rock climber and writer who told me where to go to see the best of the island’s flora and fauna. It was largely due to him that I saw my first sea otter. In and absurdly ‘Ring Of Bright Water’ moment, there it was rolling in the sea kelp in glass calm water. I watched for an hour as he dived for fish and knew myself to be a lucky man at that moment.

I came away with some memories that will stay with me forever and some paintings which hopefully capture some of Mull’s rare beauty.