Norham First Look



An original oil painting by David Stead.

Part of the ‘Turner Project’ – Norham sits on the river Tweed in Northumberland, on the English side of the border with Scotland. JMW Turner first visited Norham Castle in the Spring of 1797, during his extensive tour of northern England. He returned to the ruins in 1801 and 1831, creating work after each visit.

In 2019 Stead was aproached by German film production company Gebrueder Beetz to make a documentary film about Turner in the north of England for European Arte tv. Part of the doc’ was filmed at Norham Castle where David made drawings and preliminary paintings for a major work to be completed later in the studio (see ‘Norham Castle’ on this site). As the name suggests, Norham First Look is one of Stead’s first responses to the subject and is the view through Norham village to the castle.

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