Well I have been unable to update the blog lately due to the catastrophic collapse of my computer. However, I now have a shiny new Macbook so there are no more excuses (apart from the fact that I don’t know how to use it!). Everybody keeps telling me how intuitive they are……..We’ll see.

I went to the London Art Fair last week at the kind invitation of Andre Romain of Art Investor magazine. I was interested to see what’s going on in the ‘Art World’ but everything seemed rather low key and certainly not the place to encounter the avant-garde. There were some lovely pieces, but for me, they tended to be by an older generation of artists – John Hoyland, Terry Frost etc. There was plenty of ill-advised tosh on view of course, and it makes you wonder how these people get exhibited – how indeed!

The stands were largely manned by the product of the public school system (many looked as though they may well still be there). Primped and elaborately coiffed, there are few more absurd sights than the young middle class attempting to be posh and arty; they spent most of their time, heads buried in laptops (no doubt emailing in their homework) or fiddling with mobile phones. No-one tried to sell me anything, give me a business card, or engage in any way and I came away cross on behalf of the artists they purport to represent. Little wonder there were so few red spots!