TITLE Above Hackfall with Kate (SOLD)

David Stead
Oil on canvas
100cm x 80cm


And Kate wrote this:


Cadmium Fields


Spring has come late to Mickley,

under cover of beech, bluebells populate,

tease the edges of the footpath.


A fat toad hops under a damp leaf,

Chaffinch chaffinch and squirrel chase

up up around the ancient trees,

into the unseen


Beyond the wood

the hawthorn reigns,

and somewhere a river

where the trout are rising.


In the wild grass

that grows long past my knees-

the blue of cornflowers,

the red of poppies.


All else is buttercups;

the cadmium fields,

a simple sky

and the sweet chewed smell of clover


By Kate Frater