Bootham 4

Nine ‘o’ clock start in York. Jonathan has some new glasses so we had to decide whether to  change the picture or carry on with the old pair. Since there was a lot of work to do to move the picture on, I decided we might as well go for the change. At the same time I wanted a change of tie colour in order to lift the lower third of the painting and actually to better reflect my view of Jonathan’s character.

As we work, the surface of the painting becomes thicker – more impasto which is what I’m looking for: I want it to be three dimensional – tactile.

The light has changed radically again: morning sunshine floods the room in which we work, bouncing off the wall and adding a blue tone to surfaces. This has to be balanced so I warm up the ground by removing Cobalt and adding Raw Sienna, further closing down the picture plane.

Here’s a link to Bootham’s great web site: